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Thorasan is a revolutionary natural supplement specifically designed to assist men in enhancing their sexual health and performance. In today's society, where sexual well-being is increasingly emphasized, Thorasan offers a safe and effective solution for men seeking natural ways to augment their masculinity and enrich their sex life.

What is Thorasan used for?

Thorasan is primarily used to improve male sexual performance. It aids in increasing penis size, strengthening erections, and enhancing libido, making it an ideal supplement for men who wish to boost their sexual confidence and experience a more satisfying sex life.

How does it work?

The effectiveness of Thorasan is attributed to its carefully selected ingredients. These natural components work together to enhance sexual health in various ways:

  • Citrulline Malate: Improves blood flow, leading to stronger and more prolonged erections.
  • Tribulus fruit extract: Known for increasing testosterone levels, which is crucial for libido and sexual performance.
  • Cordyceps fruit body extract: Assists in boosting energy levels and stamina, beneficial during sexual activities.
  • Ashwagandha root extract (KSM-66®): Acts as a stress reliever and enhances sexual health by reducing anxiety and increasing fertility in men.
  • Shilajit extract: A potent mineral complex known for its ability to enhance sexual function and increase energy.
  • Korean Ginseng root extract: A renowned aphrodisiac that aids in improving sexual desire and erectile function.
  • Black pepper fruit extract (Bioperine®): Enhances the absorption of other ingredients, increasing the supplement's effectiveness.
  • Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Selenium: These essential nutrients support overall sexual health and well-being.

These ingredients synergistically work to improve men's sexual health and performance, focusing on natural growth, increased libido, and better erections.

How do you use Thorasan?

Thorasan is designed to seamlessly fit into the user's daily routine with a simple and clear usage method:

Dosage: The standard dosage of Thorasan is two capsules per day, ensuring a steady supply of active ingredients in the body.

Intake Times: It is recommended to take the first capsule in the morning before breakfast and the second capsule in the afternoon before lunch, aiding in optimal ingredient absorption.

Water Intake: Consume the capsules with water to promote absorption and support digestion.

Regularity: Consistent and daily use of Thorasan is important for the best results. Missing doses can reduce the supplement's effectiveness.

How quickly do you see results?

The speed at which results become visible may vary based on individual factors like age, health, and lifestyle. Generally, users can expect:

First Phase (1-3 weeks)
An increase in sexual desire and a slight improvement in erection strength.

Second Phase (1-2 months)
Continued use may lead to more noticeable improvements in sexual performance and penis size.

Third Phase (3 months and beyond)
The most significant changes, such as a noticeable increase in penis size and improvement in overall sexual performance, are often reported after three months of consistent use.

Possible Side Effects

Thorasan, made from natural ingredients, is generally safe for use. However, as with any supplement, some users may experience side effects:

  • Stomach Upset: Some users might experience mild stomach discomfort, especially when taken on an empty stomach.
  • Allergic Reactions: Rare, but possible, especially if the user is sensitive to any of the ingredients.
  • Interactions with Medications: Men taking medications, particularly for heart conditions or high blood pressure, should consult a doctor before using Thorasan.

It's always wise to consult with a healthcare professional before using a new supplement, especially in the presence of existing medical conditions or the use of other medications.

Who is Thorasan suitable for?

Thorasan is specifically designed for men who wish to improve their sexual health and performance. It is particularly suitable for:

  • Men with Erectile Problems: The supplement assists in improving erection strength and duration, crucial for a satisfying sex life.
  • Men Seeking to Increase Penis Size: Thorasan can aid in enlarging the penis, both in length and girth.
  • Men with Low Libido: Thorasan's natural aphrodisiacs and energy-boosting ingredients can stimulate sexual desire.
  • Men Seeking Natural Solutions: For those who prefer not to undergo surgical procedures or use pharmaceutical drugs, Thorasan offers a natural alternative.

However, it is not recommended for men under 18 years of age and those with severe health issues, without consulting a doctor first.

Experiences with Thorasan

User feedback on Thorasan is predominantly positive, with many men reporting significant improvements in their sex life. Common experiences include:

  • Enhanced Sexual Performance: Users often report an increase in sexual performance, including stronger and more prolonged erections.
  • Increased Penis Size: Many men experience a noticeable enlargement of the penis after several months of use.
  • Boosted Self-Confidence: Improvements in sexual performance and penis size contribute to increased self-confidence in men.
  • No Severe Side Effects: Many users appreciate that Thorasan has no severe side effects, thanks to its natural composition.

As with any product, there are also some critical voices, mostly regarding the variability of results among different users.

Where to buy Thorasan?

Thorasan, a reliable and effective male enhancement supplement, is available globally for those seeking to enhance their sexual performance. While this unique product isn't available in local pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, or Boots, it can be easily and discreetly ordered online from anywhere in the world through BodyLab™.

As the official global sales partner, BodyLab™ ensures not only competitive pricing but also guarantees the authenticity and quality of Thorasan. When placing an order with BodyLab™, customers worldwide can trust in a discreet delivery process, ensuring their privacy is maintained.

Choose Thorasan through BodyLab™ for a convenient and discreet way to improve your sexual health and performance, no matter where you are. Take advantage of the benefits Thorasan offers by ordering from BodyLab™ today, available to customers across all countries.

Additional information


60 Capsules


L-Citrulline Malate 2:1; Glazing Agent (Capsule Shell) – Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose; Tribulus Fruit Extract (Tribulus terrestris) [40% Saponins]; Cordyceps Fruiting Body Extract (Cordyceps militaris) [30% Polysaccharides, 10% Beta-Glucan]; Ashwagandha Root Extract (Withania somnifera) [5% Withanolides] – KSM-66®; Shilajit Extract [20% Fulvic Acids]; Ginseng Korean Root Extract (Panax ginseng); Acacia Fiber; Zinc Citrate; L-Selenomethionine – SeleniumSeLECT®; Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6); Black Pepper Fruit Extract (Piper nigrum) [95% Piperine] – Bioperine®.


Recommended daily allowance – 2 capsules – washed down with 300 ml of water.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Not suitable for children, pregnant or lactating mothers. The product should not be consumed if you are taking sedative, hypnotic, anti-epileptic, high blood pressure or diabetes medications. Do not take it as a substitute for a varied balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are essential.

4 reviews for Thorasan

  1. Richard Thompson

    I have always been a little unsure about my size, it's not the smallest but could use a bit more. So I gave Thorasan a try. You do notice quite a difference in length and thickness. I didn't get much result, but every little bit helps.

  2. Donald

    I have been using Thorasan for a month now and I am pleasantly surprised by the results. There is a clear increase in both length and girth. I did not expect a natural supplement to deliver such positive results. I now feel much more confident in the bedroom. Definitely recommended for men who are uncertain about their size.

  3. Andrew

    I have tried various products, but Thorasan really stands out. After two months of use, I notice a significant improvement in size and erection strength. It's easy to take and I have not experienced any side effects.

  4. Charles

    I thought it would make a big difference... but for me, it only makes my erections longer and thicker.

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